Computer Facilities

Computers are widely used by both staff and students for teaching, learning and administration purposes. Access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment on demand for these purposes is a continuing priority for the school. Specialist computers are available for Graphic and Art work, and recording and editing both music and digital video productions.

There are 250 school based computers for direct student use. The pupil to computer ratio is greater than 1:1 and classes are able to get access to computers virtually whenever they are required.  There is a range of other peripheral hardware such as printers, scanners, data projectors and digital cameras.

Students are required to complete a Computer, Internet and E-mail use agreement before approval to use the ICT facilities is given.

The ICT equipment is to be used for educational purposes only.

Students are issued with a network user name and password which gives them access to their own secure workspace and other network resources such as printers and internet.

At this stage students are not charged for internet downloads or printing access. However, in both cases, the usage by individual students is monitored for consistency with efficient use of these resources to complete work as required during the school year.

Students do not have access to Facebook or YouTube and mobile phones are not allowed to be brought to school. Some senior students bring their own notebooks for study purposes.

Students found accessing inappropriate Internet sites will have computer privileges withdrawn. If students come across any information or message that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable, they are advised to report the matter to a staff member.

The school has a comprehensive ongoing ICT plan and the network is maintained by a full time technician employed by the school and one part time department technician.