Year 12's Last Day

The students theme for this year was being retired and elderly, and they clearly got into the swing of it.  Staff shared a morning tea with the students – again being a little different to normal due to COVID with individual plates of food and sitting outside. 

Lunch was a BBQ which had been organised by the VCAL students and all wanting to taking part.  The annual students versus staff softball match was held on the front oval with a lack of time making it difficult to come to a clear conclusion.  During period 6, we held a whole school assembly with all students being able to social distance out under our new basketball court covered area.  All students spoke about their experiences and what they were hoping for in the future.  The students then followed a St. Arnaud tradition of each student releasing a balloon to symbolise the move to the next phase in their lives.  All in all it was a positive day.

As has been mentioned several times previously, including last Friday, it is important that the student remember that it is only three quarter time and their attention should be well and truly be on upcoming exams and the completion of required work.  All the best.

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