2021 Booklist Orders

The 2021 Booklists are now available for parents/guardians to begin ordering books and stationary for next year’s studies.  There have been a number of changes to make this process smoother and more affordable.

Booklists have been published to all students and staff via the Newsfeed on Compass.


Campion Education

Formally Ballarat Books, the new provider for our booklists is Campion Education.

Digital Submission

All orders now need to be submitted digitally through Campion: the direct link is included below. The link for Campion and code for St Arnaud Secondary College is also on the front page of the booklist pdfs and printouts.

When first logging in, parents will need to create an account and select books and stationary for ordering. Digital payment is required.

Home Delivery

After books have been ordered through Campion’s online system, a delivery address is required. For 2021, booklist orders will be delivered to your nominated address.  There is a delivery cost associated with this.  This will get rid of the need to collect book pack from school.

Textbook Hire and Loans

Textbooks for some subjects will now be available for hire through the school for years 7 to 10. This includes English novels (years 7 to 10), Maths textbooks (years 7 and 8) and Science textbooks (years 7 to 10). Where the text is hired through the school (i.e. not borrowed through the library), a hire cost will be attached to school fees.

Purchase of novels and textbooks is still required for all VCE studies.


Due date for orders: Friday 20th November 2020


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