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Principal's Report 18th June, 2021

Semester II Begins

Tuesday saw the start of semester II subjects for all students.  This has created some changes in timetables for students and, for some, some new classes as well.  It is a great time for students to have a look at their school supplies and sort out their lockers.  Subjects that have been completed can be taken home and not just take up space in folders or lockers.  It is a new Term and a new beginning for most subjects in Years 7 to 10.

School Council

On Wednesday, School Council met with the major focus being the 10 million dollar budget announcement. The Council were taken through the process and procedures that are required to be followed to hopefully allow work to begin around this time next year.  It is a very exciting time for our College and I would like to thank the families who were able to contribute to our survey regarding our potential future.  This work has been used to compile our first submission focussed on our educational philosophy, which was approved at this week’s meeting.  The second phase of the process is to look more at our actual facilities and what the possibilities may be, to help us provide some direction for potential architects.

Year 8 Rubicon Camp

On Tuesday, our Year 8 students headed off to Rubicon for a four day outdoor adventure camp.  The program looks choc-a-block with great activities and I am sure they will have a great time.  I am also confident that they will sleep well tonight upon their return to St Arnaud.  

LMR Cross Country

The on again, off again LMR Cross Country has been moved yet again – so it is no longer on the 18th or the 22nd but has a day lightly pencilled in for Tuesday 13 July.  This will be dependent on what the COVID situation is – so please be ready for anything.  I feel for Larissa and the Parents' Club, as this uncertainty does not make a big job any easier!

Last Day of Term

Next Friday – 25 June – is the last day of Term 2.  Like last term, we will be finishing at 2:00pm.  Periods 1 to 4 will run as normal and there will be some activities in the afternoon following lunch.  We would hope to see as many students as possible on the last day of term, as this is a day that counts for normal attendance


As I have mentioned a couple of times this year, there is a major focus on attendance from the Department this year.  At this stage of the year we already have 25 students with more than 12 days absence – in 18 weeks of school.  While we have been very pleased with the number of students who achieved 100% attendance in Term 1, we also need to be working toward reducing the number of absences, especially absences that could be avoided.  This is something that we all need to be working on.

Tony Hand


Golf Course Clean Up

On Friday the 11th of June The Hands on Learning students headed out to the Golf course. The purpose was to assist the members of the Golf Club to tidy up the fairways in preparation for a golf tournament. Although the tournament was cancelled, they still wanted assistance to tidy the area up. The students raked up leaves and gathered sticks which were placed into piles, ready for burning. They enjoyed a lovely lunch of hot chips, with a scenic drive home past the open cut mine, from our tour guide, Jason Burke. Students had a great day and all went home smelling like smoke from the fires. Thanks Michelle and Jason for the day.

Year 10 Coffee Tables

Year 10 students proudly displaying their completed Coffee Tables.

This was the students main project for Semester 1 and all completed their project successfully.

Year 10 Coffee Tables Photo Gallery

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