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We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Victoria and pay respect to the ongoing living cultures of First Peoples.

Principal's Report 27th August, 2021 eNews

Back Into Remote and Flexible Learning

Once again, I must thank both students and staff for their ability to be able to flip back into Remote and Flexible Learning.

Unfortunately, it would appear that these snap lockdowns are something that we will have to contend with for some time.  It is important that students realise that Remote and Flexible is not an excuse for not completing set work or having a poor attendance rate.  On the whole, the students have been really good, but just as a reminder, please make sure students are in an appropriate location: students should not be Webexing from bed, or in their pyjamas, and should have their camera turned on with the camera facing them.

On Site attendance

There have been some noticeable changes to requests for on-site attendance with the requirement to have an authorised worker form for each parent/caregiver.  This is an arrangement that has been introduced by the Government to try and reduce people movement.  The College does have some ability to identify and determine ‘vulnerability’ which we will aim to do in the best interests of everyone.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Due to the timing of this current lockdown Parent Teacher Interviews were postponed to September 6.  We have now made the decision that these interviews will go ahead on September 6 whether we are in lock down or not.  Parents are asked to make appointments again on this day.  If we are out of lockdown, they will be conducted face to face.  If we are still in lock down, they will be conducted via WebEx – the mechanics of which we will explain next week if necessary – but will be done through your child’s laptop at home. Please make the time to make the appointments for your child(ren)’s teachers.

Year 12 classes discussion across the state

There was an interesting article in the Age Education this week, as there is a push for all Year 12 students to be attending school at least one day a per week in small groups in Melbourne.  Over past lockdowns we have, where possible, enabled our students to attend classes over the course of the week, and as a staff we will be looking at ways of making this happen, especially if this lock down is extended past next Thursday.

Students completing SACs in Years 11 or 12 are able to attend the College if this has been approved by their teacher.  When attending these tasks, they are not required to fill out an on-site application form.

$10M Upgrade

During this week’s lock-down, we have met with our architects to discuss our school refurbishment.  While this is very exciting, we must all be aware that our school was built for over 300 students back in the day.  This means that we will be losing some classroom ‘space’ at the College.  However, we already have some rooms that we do not use so this should not be a major issue.  Hopefully we will have our first on-site meeting next Thursday.

Year 9 into 10 Information session

On Wednesday, our we held our Year 9 into 10 information session via Webex.  Year 10 is the beginning of many different choices for students, including thinking about career pathways.  This will include VCE, VET and the pathway that will replace the VCAL option which will be change in 2023.  Thanks to Mrs Reynolds for putting all of this together.  Students will now begin their subject selections for 2022 and we encourage parents to be involved in this very important process.  If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Parent Opinion Survey

It is that time of year again when we, and the Department, seek feedback from parents in the annual Parent Opinion Survey.  Approximately 30 randomly selected families will have received an invitation to participate in the survey.  We ask that you spend the 10 to 15 minutes completing the survey to provide us with data about what we are doing well and areas for improvement.  If you receive an invitation and do not believe that you can or will complete the survey, please contact the General Office so another family can be allocated.  

Currently we have had 4 families who have completed the survey for response rate of 13%

Tony Hand


North West Zone School Shoot

On Thursday the 19th of August, Miss. Bertalli, Mr. Marland, Riley Burke, William Deason, Rory Bigmore, Troy Anderson, Chris Chaplin, Dion Flanagan and Millie Hando went to the North West Zone School Shoot.

After the shoot being cancelled last year and missed the previous year, the regular shooters were excited to go. This year Millie, Dion and Chris had their first go at shooting in competition, being both excited and nervous.

The shoot was held in Mildura, meaning that students and teachers needed to leave at 6am to make the shoot on time. They took the primary school bus and left only a little bit late. Miss. Bertalli started the driving and swapped with Mr. Marland at Ouyen. Rory and Riley had control of the music on the way up and played country music. The speaker was later confiscated by Miss. Bertalli for the trip home.

Once they arrived at the Mildura Clay Target Club everyone checked their guns into the armoury and then were put into squads. They shot 2 rounds of 10, single barrel, using ammunition supplied by the Mildura Gun Club. This meant that it was a fair playing ground with little room for error. Throughout the morning and afternoon students were checking their scores and others scores using the new "My Club My Scores" app, or looking at the old fashion whiteboard.

After shooting the two rounds, Riley was called for a shoot-off for third place. Both boys missed their first shot then Riley missed his second shot and the shoot-off was over. But hopes of a win were not over. Troy walked away with the High Gun, shooting 18/20 for the day. Dion managed to snag third place in the junior boys with 13/20. The team (Troy, Rory, Dion, Rogan, and Riley) shot 70/100, winning the team shoot and beating St. Joseph's College, Mildura, by 7. 

With photos taken, guns packed away safely and the winning team banner across the front of the bus, Mr. Marland drove to McDonalds and KFC for a celebrity snack. It was at this point that Miss. Bertalli took over the music, followed later by Mr. Marland.

A big thankyou to the St. Arnaud Gun Club for letting everyone practice before the shoot as well as Miss. Bertalli and Mr. Marland for taking the students to the shoot.

North West Zone Shoot Pictures

North Central Trade Training Centre - Orientation Day

On Wednesday the 18th of August, 30 Year 8 students headed off to the North Central Trade Training Centre (NCTTC) in Charlton for an Orientation Day.

All students had experiences in Textiles, Wood, Automotive, Agriculture and Horticulture, Metal, Visual Communication, Media Art, Formula1 and Computer Game Design, including completing little activities related to the subject. The challenge for students now is to select two subjects that they enjoyed the most to commence next year when they will attend the NCTTC every Wednesday. Michelle and myself thank the students for the way they conducted themselves throughout the day.

Miss Griffith.

Orientation Day Photos

Primary School Science Week - Alpaca Farm

On Tuesday the 17th of August, Mr. Marland and Miss. Griffith took 17 Grade 6, Primary School students out to the Alpaca farm at Redbank, as part of the Primary School’s Science Week. On arrival, we were introduced to the Alpaca farm, finding out some special facts about how the farm runs. We were then allowed to feed and pat an Alpaca. Following this, the Year 9 students who were already out at the farm as part of their Environmental Week, assisted the Year 6 students in planting some trees. We then enjoyed a delicious morning tea before returning to school for recess. We thank the Primary School for approaching us to assist with their Science Week activities.

Mr. Marland and Miss. Griffith.

Year 9 Science - Isotopes

The Year 9 students have created models of different element isotopes.

At the centre of every atom is a tiny, solid core called the nucleus. Within the nucleus, protons and neutrons are usually held together by incredibly strong forces. Some of the mysteries of radioactivity can be unravelled by taking a closer look inside the nucleus.

All atoms of a particular element have the same number of protons. However, often the number of neutrons in atoms of the same element is different. Such atoms have the same atomic number but different mass numbers.

Atoms of the same element with different mass numbers are called isotopes.

  • Most elements exist as two or more isotopes.
  • These isotopes all have the same chemical properties, but different masses.

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Year 7 Vaccinations - Change of Venue

Due to the current Lockdown, the Year 7 scheduled vaccinations  for Wednesday, 1st September, will  now be held at the St. Arnaud Town Hall between 1.00pm and 3.00pm. Parents will receive a phone call from the Northern Grampians Shire soon.

Showcasing Youth Talent

Careers & Pathways 27th August, 2021

Resources for Students and Parents

Office News

Notebook Program - Final payment due NOW!
Food Technology Fee - Due NOW!

Helping families get their kids active

Eligible families can now apply for a voucher that helps subsidise organised sport and recreation activities

Does your child love sport and being active? Does your family have a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card? You may be eligible for up to $200 to put towards the cost of your child’s participation in physical activities. The Get Active Kids Voucher Program helps eligible families get their kids involved in organised sport and active recreation activities. 

Under the program, children may be eligible to receive up to $200 to help with the cost of membership and registration fees, uniforms, and equipment. 

Special consideration also applies for children named on their own Australian Government Health Care Card or residing in care services as well as temporary or provisional visa holders, undocumented migrants or international students. Applications for vouchers in round two of the program close at 5pm Friday 30 July.  For eligibility requirements and to apply, visit the Get Active Victoria website -

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund applications

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund helps eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities. Applications for the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) close on Friday 13 August.

If you have a valid means-tested concession card, such as a Veterans Affairs Gold Card, Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible. The concession card must have been valid on either of the following dates:

  • the first day of Term 1 (Wednesday 27 January 2021)
  • the first day of Term 2 (Monday 19 April 2021)
  • the first day of Term 3 (Monday 12 July 2021).

Payment amounts this year are $225 for eligible secondary school students. Payments are made direct to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions and sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

If you applied for CSEF through our school last year, you do not need to complete an application form this year, unless there has been a change in your family circumstances.

If you would like to apply for the first time, please contact the school office on 5495 1811 and ask for an application form. 

Business Manager – Kerrie Swanton

Student Administrator – Debbie Hancock

Office Hours: 8.30 am – 4.30pm

Phone 03 5495 1811