Newsletter 8th October, 2021

Issue 30

Principals' Report 8th October, 2021

Welcome Back to Term 4

We would like to extend a warm welcome back to all students. We hope that everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday. We appreciate that the current circumstances maybe challenging logistically with the staged return to on-site learning, however, we appreciate your support through these times.

With access to Compass online to track your child’s learning and work submissions, it is vital at this time of the semester to be checking and following up on work that has not been submitted. This can either be done by contacting the classroom teacher or through the Year Level Coordinator.

Staged Return to School

As was published in the media and on the College Compass News Feed, Term 4 sees a staged return of students to school.

Year 12 students are now back at school 5 days per week.

Year 11 students started back at school 5 days per week on the  6th October.

For all other year levels, the key dates are:

Monday 11th October: Year 7 students return to school 5 days per week.

Tuesday 12th October: Year 8 students return to school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 2 weeks.

The NCTTC program for Year 9 students will NOT be running on-site.

Thursday 14th October: Year 9 and Year 10 students return to school on Thursdays and Fridays for 2 weeks.

Tuesday 26th October: All students return to on-site learning.

We look forward to having all of our students back on-site.

COVID-19 Requirements On-site

When on-site, all students are required to have a mask and be using hand sanitiser in and out of the classroom. When in lockdown, students who are on-site are also required to have a completed on-site attendance form. The on-site attendance form is not required if your student is on-site in accordance with the staged return.

Movement Towards Reports

Term 4 sees all classes moving towards completion of subjects for the year. We appreciate that the second half of the year has been disrupted by COVID-19 lockdowns, though students have been instructed that this has not been an excuse for not attending Webex classes or attempting the work. It is vital that students are working closely with their teachers to ensure they have completed any required work. If parents or students have any questions, they are encouraged to contact their class teacher to ensure that required learning and assessments have been completed and submitted.


On Tuesday 5th October our students undertaking Year 12 subjects sat their General Achievement Test, along with all other students across the State. The GAT is a 3-hour exam that assesses writing skills, along with thinking skills across Maths, Science, Technology, English, Humanities and the Arts. This exam is an important component of their final assessment.

Year 12

The secondary educational careers of our Year 12 students are rapidly drawing to close. Over the holidays they undertook classes, lectures, practice exams and a practice GAT.  From Tuesday 12th October, the students will undertake a final round of formal practice exams. Year 12 students will have their final day of school on Wednesday 20th October. Their first exam is English on Wednesday 27th October.


Year 7 2022 Enrolments

We are very excited to welcome the new Year 7’s for 2022 at the College. We have had numerous enquiries and the numbers for next year are looking strong. If families have not received an enrolment pack, they are available at the General Office here at the Secondary College. It would be greatly appreciated if enrolment packs with all required documentation could be returned as soon as possible.

Student Movement

As was mentioned last term, at this time of the year we ask that if you are aware of any student movement for 2022 that you notify the College as soon as possible – this means that if you know of families that are coming, or students who may be leaving, we would greatly appreciate a heads up as our planning (and funding) relies directly on student numbers.  We have already gained a number of enrolments and indications of new enrolments for 2022.  Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

Sun Smart Hats

A reminder that a Sun Smart hat (broad-brimmed or legionnaire) is required for all students at Recess and Lunch during Term 4. Caps and baseball hats will not be accepted as a SunSmart option, and are not to be worn as an alternative.

School hats are available at RAMJAC, 111 Napier Street, St. Arnaud.

Principal Tony Hand on leave

As you will be aware, our Principal, Mr. Tony Hand, will be away throughout this term. We wish him well during his time off and look forward to his return in 2022.

Calvin Taylor & Russell Marland

Acting Principals

Year 10 Visual Communication

Year 10 Visual Communication students have just finished a unit focusing on Environmental Design. Students had to design and construct a tiny house (3 x 6m). They had to design houses with a deconstructionist exterior. This means that they needed to use a lot of differing surface textures. They also had to create a floor plan for their tiny houses. 

Sophie Tehan

Arts and Technology KLA

Careers 8th October, 2021

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