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Issue 32 - Year 12's Last Day


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We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Victoria and pay respect to the ongoing living cultures of First Peoples.

Principals' Report 22nd October, 2021

Year 12 Final Day

Wednesday, 20th October, was the final day of formal classes for Year 12 students. As is traditional for their last day of formal classes, they engaged in some good-natured pranks. They were also treated to morning tea outside with the staff and were presented with a college mug in a virtual WebEx. At the end of the day, they released ‘confetti cannons’ as a symbol of their completion of Secondary Education. We wish them all the best for their exam period which begins with the English exam on Wednesday, 27th October.

Return to On-Site Learning

On Friday, 22nd October, all students returned to on-site learning, in line with the staged return to schooling. It was wonderful to finally have all students and staff back on the school grounds and in classrooms after another long period of lockdown. We hope that with increasing levels of vaccination in the community, this will be the last period of lockdown that we have to negotiate.

Can parents/students please ensure that all resources needed to return to the school are brought back. This will allow the smooth transition to face-to-face teaching. This includes stationery, charged laptops, textbooks and workbooks.

COVID-19 Requirements On-Site

When on site, all staff and students are required to have a mask, engage in social distancing and be using hand sanitiser in and out of the classroom. Students need to make sure they have their correct equipment for classes, including laptops, textbooks, workbooks and stationery. In line with COVID operational requirements, all whole school assemblies will still need to be conducted via WebEx.

School Uniform & Sun Smart Hats

When at school, students need to ensure that they are wearing full school uniform. During Term 4, this includes a broad-brimmed, sun-smart hat, which needs to be worn when outside. Students who are out of uniform should have a parent note and need to get a uniform pass from the Assistant Principal at the start of the day.

Year 7 2022 Enrolments

Just a reminder, that if families have not received an enrolment pack, they are available at the General Office here at the Secondary College. It would be greatly appreciated if enrolment packs with all required documentation could be returned as soon as possible along with a copy of the students Birth Certificate which is mandatory for enrolment.

Student Movement

As was mentioned last term, at this time of year we ask that if you are aware of any student movement for 2022 that you notify the College as soon as possible – this means that if you know of families that are coming, or students who may be leaving, we would greatly appreciate a heads up as our planning (and funding) relies directly on student numbers.  We have already gained a number of enrolments and indications of new enrolments for 2022.  Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.


Calvin Taylor & Russell Marland

Acting Principals

Year 12's Morning Tea with Staff

All staff brought a plate to share with the Year 12 students and all the College staff.  It was a beautiful morning under the veranda and the courtyard in the Year 12 Common Area.

The Year 12s were thanked for their contribution to the College over the years and for also demonstrating respect and restraint for their last day antics.

Staff and students enjoying their morning tea below.

Year 12's Farewell

Year 12 students had their last day of official classes on Wednesday, 20th October. The day started with some redecorating of the school from the students and staff wanted posters. All of the students came dressed up as something starting with the letter of their first name. Morning tea with the staff and a farewell at the end of the day was conducted via Webex to all students, staff and families.

On Thursday, 18th November, after all the exams have been completed a graduation evening will be held (hopefully at the Racecourse).  Once we have finalised all the details, these will be provided to the Year 12 families.

Year 12's Last Day Gallery

Click on the video below to see our Year 12's popping their streamers.



Year 9 Science – Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes and Volcanoes

On the return to on-site learning last Thursday, the Year 9 Science students had their first practical class in months, making seismographs which measure the magnitude of earthquakes.

They have been studying earthquakes, continental drift and volcanoes.  During the holidays, ‘Mother Nature’ was on our side by demonstrating an actual earthquake measured at a magnitude 5.9 and then another at the South Australian and Victorian borders with a magnitude 4.8 earthquake. 

Volcanoes have also been in the news in the last few weeks with eruptions in Spain, Peru and Equador, to name a few.

The actual evidence of continental drift and moving tectonic plates has been very exciting.

What's Flowering in our Staff's Gardens at the moment!

We asked Staff what was flowering in their gardens at the moment.  Below are some of their amazing Pics.

Office News


Family Statements – Family Statements have been posted and emailed to families.  If you have not received your statement, please contact the General Office.

1:1 Notebook Program payment is now due and payable.

Edrolo Subscription payment is now due and payable.

Food Technology - due now for students undertaking Food Technology

Please support the College by making payment of outstanding accounts.

Contact the General Office for assistance if required, and for any enquiries regarding your account.

Parent Payment Arrangements and Options:

  • Parents will be provided with early notification of annual payment requests and reasonable notice will be given for any other payment requests during the year (i.e., excursions, camps)
  • The College offers Parents the option to make payment by instalments. Please contact Kerrie Swanton, Business Manager, to make these arrangements.
  • Methods of payment are BPAY, EFTPOS, cash or cheque.
  • Eligible families that receive Camps, Sport & Excursion Funds can allocate these funds for sports travel, camps and excursions only.
  • The payment for Optional Items including camps and excursions must be paid by the specified due date prior to departure. Other payments for Optional Items including Food Technology must be paid in week 2 of each Term, or by negotiated instalments.

***When making payment via BPAY please note the receipt number on the returned permission slip.

All camps and excursions are required to be paid prior to attendance, unless payment plans have been approved.

Camps and Excursions Refund Policy:

As the College cannot meet any shortfalls in funding for camps and excursions due to the subsequent non-participation of a student who had previously indicated attendance, costs already paid may be refunded in full or in part, or not at all, having regard to the associated expenses incurred, any refunds from the supplier, and the circumstances of the non-participation.     A refund will only be considered for accident, injury or illness.  

Business Manager – Kerrie Swanton

Student Administrator – Debbie Hancock

Office Hours: 8.30 am – 4.30pm

Phone 03 5495 1811


Careers & Pathways 22nd October, 2021

Compass Updates

Has your address changed or phone number? If any of your details have changed? When you have the opportunity please log in to your Compass account and update details.

The school is then notified of those changes.