Newsletter 10th December, 2021

Issue 39 - Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Principals' Report 10th December, 2021

Step-Up Program

The Step-Up Program concluded today for all students.  We applaud the students for their maturity and efforts towards their learning. This has enabled the teachers to begin assessments and tailor their work programs for 2022.

Activities Week

The first two days of Week 11 (December 13-14) students will be participating in two extra-curricula activities. The students have the choice of attending Mountain Bike Riding at Harcourt and Geelong Adventure Park. These two activities have been very well received by the students and we are excited to be able to facilitate the events as a reward for all their efforts this year and give them a break from screen time.

Booklists – online

Booklists are now available to access through our College webpage and on Compass. Hard copies are also available at the Front Office. We know there have been several families who are trying to get organised early in preparation for the 2022 school year and we apologise for the delay.

Year 7 Transition

Year 7 teachers were delighted to meet and work with the Grade 6 students from both the Primary School and St. Patricks School. They had a lovely time experiencing two days of what the College has to offer. We look forward to their arrival next year.

Presentation Night

Presentation Night is scheduled for the 16th December at 7 pm – please arrive at 6.45 pm for seating. The location for the night is at the St. Arnaud Town Hall. Due to Covid requirements all attendees over the age of 12 years old are required to be double vaccinated. Masks are also recommended as this is an indoor event.

2022 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

In 2022, the College will move to a ‘BYOD’ model for student laptops; all students will need to provide their own laptop device for schoolwork. Students will also be able to take these devices home to use for homework. Our IT Technician has published a list of recommended devices on the College website and in the newsletter; parents should also have received a copy via mail. These are devices that will work with the school network and programs provided by the Education Department free of charge; there are certain devices that will not be suitable for this purpose. It is strongly recommended that any devices be purchased as soon as possible. As no doubt you are aware, there are supply-chain issues which are currently delaying the availability and delivery of certain devices. We would like all students to have their device at the start of the new school year so that they can begin engaging with the learning opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact that College if you have questions or require further information.

Vaccine Requirements

In accordance with the current guidelines from the Department of Education, all visitors to the College need to meet vaccination requirements; this does include parents. Evidence of vaccination or medical exemption need to be shown at the Front Office, full vaccination will be required. Families need to be aware many camps and excursions will need students to be vaccinated or evidence of a medical exemption. This is because of the vaccination requirements at venues and accommodation facilities used as part of camps or excursions, not because of a school requirement.

Year 7 2022 Enrolments

Just a reminder, that if families have not received an enrolment pack, they are available at the General Office here at the Secondary College. It would be greatly appreciated if enrolment packs with all required documentation could be returned as soon as possible.

Start Dates for 2022

A reminder to parents and students about the start dates for 2022.  They are Year 7, 11 & 12 students start on the Monday 31st January and the Year 8 to 10s begin the next day Tuesday 1st February. The year 10 students doing a Unit 1 subject may need to come in on the Monday depending on the timetable.  A copy of the new timetable will be up on Compass by Friday 28th January.

Please note that NCTTC for Year 9 students and VET/VCAL students, classes begin on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd of February.


Calvin Taylor & Russell Marland

Acting Principals

Year 9 Science

For Step-Up the Year 9 Science class has been studying energy. This week they were looking at light and how we see it. The class looked at light rays and how they travel though objects (refract) and how they reflect off objects so that we are able to see the object. The practical investigation undertaken used the light boxes to show how the light moves through objects. They then traced the ray diagrams.

Transition Days: Our New Year 7s

The 2022 Year 7 students have been enjoying their two transition days at Secondary school this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday the students participated in a full timetable of classes.

On Tuesday, the students experienced: English with Mr. Marland, French with Mrs. Bourchier, Maths with Mrs. Jackson and PE with Miss. Bertalli. PE was a highlight as the students got to go up to the pool for a swim!

On Wednesday, the program continued with an introduction to Art with Ms. Tehan, more English and Maths and finally an introduction to using tools safely in order to create something from scratch.

Mr. Lobley, the Year 7/8 Coordinator, took this lovely photo of the students on the grassy knoll. Pictured are: Declan, Amber, Jack, Jarayne, Max, Finn, Oliver, Chad, Tom, Bailey, Bethany, Johnathon, Rylan, Austin, Mahlie, Annylee, Lucy, Tessa, Max, Tahyah, Mara, Ruby, Hamish, Addison and Ashley.

We hope the students had a great time and can’t wait to see them again in 2022!

Mr. Cornwell recognised for his contribution to School Sport!

Craig Cornwell was initially employed as the School Sport Coordinator at McAuley College from 1984 – 2001 (17 years) and then moved to St. Arnaud Secondary College after McAuley’s closure in 2002. Craig then took on the role of School Sports Coordinator at St. Arnaud Secondary College from 2002-2012 adding a further 10 years of service in school sport. For this same period of time 2002-2012, Craig was also engaged by VSSSA and School Sport Victoria to undertake the Division Coordinator role for the Division of North Central in the Loddon Mallee Region.

Craig handed over the reins of the Division to Maddi Cua in 2013, and then when Maddi took on the LMR Coordinator role she handed the baton to Beau Knight in 2018. When Craig finished in the Division role he continued (and still continues) to provide support to both Maddi and Beau whilst they transitioned into the Division role. 

Amongst the many sport days Craig has coordinated, one of the biggest events he has played a huge role securing in St. Arnaud is the Loddon Mallee Region Cross Country event. This event sees over 1000 students participate over the day in our cross-country course conducted in the bushland adjacent to Lord Nelson Park. This is a massive event for our College, our Parents’ Club and our community. Craig successfully recruits the support from the College each year to host the event and as such many students from St. Arnaud have been involved as marshals and officials at this event. 

Craig’s commitment to school sport to date spans an incredible 37 years. The VSSSA acknowledged his commitment in 2008 with a Service Award. Craig has continued to demonstrate his commitment to school sport and is thoroughly deserving of School Sport Victoria’s 20-year service award. Congratulations Craig!

Bon appétit !

Last Friday, at the conclusion of a unit of work on shopping and cooking in Year 10 French, the students prepared two traditional French dishes.  Rogan deftly prepared the pastry shell of a Quiche Lorraine while Amy was in charge of making the filling.  On the second bench, sous-chef Sam assisted chef Isabell in the construction of a batch of éclairs au chocolat.   Sam proved that he was more than capable of cracking and separating some eggs but few of his other culinary skills were on show.  The dishes were quickly but accurately prepared and the finished products were delicious.  The teams worked very effectively and cleaning up was even done before the bell rang!

Year 8 Food Technology

This week in Year 8 Food Studies the theory covered was nutrition. Each student was given a different nutrient and they were required to find out its function and the food source that we get the most from. This week we cooked Layered Beef Enchilada Bake and Honeycomb Banana Muffins.

Year 8 Food Tech Pics..

`24 Bring your own Device (BYOD) Program

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