School Bus Services

Five school bus routes serve St. Arnaud Secondary College. These are:


  • Coonooer Bridge                  
  • Traynors Lagoon
  • Gowar East                           
  • Winjallok
  • Stuart Mill / Emu




Secondary College students may travel on school buses, provided that the student's home is more than 4.8 km from the school and provided the child will be using the bus daily.


Students wishing to travel by bus to school need to complete an Application to Travel on a School Bus form.  These forms are available from the General Office.


Students who are not attending their closest secondary college must contact the General Office, as they may be required to pay bus fares to attend St. Arnaud Secondary College. The students will also require permission to travel from the Regional Director.  The Bus Co-ordinator can assist parents with this application.


Students who wish to travel at irregular times, or wish to temporarily use another bus service, must contact the General Office on 54951 811.  A note is required, in which parents undertake full responsibility for the child's safety and conduct on the bus.





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