2022 BYOD Program

2022 St. Arnaud Secondary College Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program.

The St. Arnaud Secondary College Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program enables all students to have their own digital device. 
A central aim of the College’s BYOD program is to support the usage of a wide range of BYODs. This includes devices that many students already have or can obtain at a reasonable cost

Students who have previously purchased devices through the College’s 1:1 Notebook Program, will still be able to use these devices.

Devices that are still under the warranty period will be serviced by the ICT department at the College until the end of the warranty period. Student devices that require repairs and maintenance outside of the warranty period, will not be repaired at the College.

 Families will be required to source their own maintenance and repairs to student devices.

How are devices important to the student?

Students need to be able to electronically communicate, create content, interact with others and electronically submit work while studying at St. Arnaud Secondary College. Significant examples of the College’s use of digital tools include the use of Compass, email, Internet and access to other digital and online resources. Compass allows all students to see details of their course and electronically submit tasks, is used for online reporting and monitoring of every student’s progress and allows for student and parent/carer access.

Where can I purchase a new device from?

There is no requirement that new devices (BYODs) be obtained from any particular supplier or company. However, to assist with students wanting to purchase a new device a portal has been set up with Learning with Technologies (LWT). Even if you decide to obtain a device from somewhere other than LWT it is worth looking at the LWT portal to get an indication of appropriate devices and costs.

LWT offer payment by instalments as an option.

Students can access the LWT portal using the following link.

LWT portal: https://sasc.orderportal.com.au/


Repairs, Warranty and Theft

The College insurance does not cover students’ personal devices.  When purchasing a new device, it is highly recommended that an extended warranty and insurance is purchased.   The College is not responsible for any repairs, maintenance or theft of the BYOD device, it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure their device is appropriately covered. The warranties available with devices purchased from LWT are highly appropriate for a student device.

Financial Concerns of obtaining a BYOD

If purchasing a new device, the information provided is a guide with recommended specifications.

LWT offer payment by instalments to assist with device payments. 

Where students/families cannot easily obtain a suitable device, the College will provide the student access to what is needed to access the school’s delivery of the Curriculum.

Order LWT portal:  https://sasc.orderportal.com.au/

Parent Payment Policy : https://www2.education.vic.gov.au/pal/parent-payment/policy

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