VET Studies



A range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects are available to VCE students. Students may complete these units of study at St. Arnaud Secondary College, the NCTTC, through a private training provider, or by on-line computer technology. 


Students have the opportunity to undertake, for example, Certificate II in Engineering, Automotive, Agriculture, and Hospitality at NCTTC.  Other VET arrangements are available subject to demand and viability.

Students may choose to undertake a School Based New Apprenticeship (SBNA) in conjunction with their VCAL or VCE program.  Depending on which of these certificates they are studying, final completion times may vary.


Mature age students are made most welcome.  Parents or other community members wishing to resume studies, either part time or full time, are encouraged to contact the VCE Coordinator.


For full details of courses and subjects available at any year level, please see the respective Year Level Handbook or the NCTTC Handbook.






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