College Council


Principal: Tony Hand
Parents  Anthony Patton, Bill Anderson, Melissa Weir, Lynne Bodey & Casey Hando
Staff  Tony Hand, Calvin Taylor, Vanessa McCormick & Stacey Wandel
Student members (2): Rogan Hando & Isabell Hand
Co-opted members  Mandy Medlyn


Members of the St. Arnaud Secondary College Council can elect whomever they choose from their own members as office bearers.  They have decided that offices are to fall vacant annually and new office bearers will be elected at the first meeting in April.



President:  Mr. Bill Anderson
Vice President: Ms. Lynne Bodey
Executive Officer: Mr. Tony Hand
Treasurer: Mrs. Casey Hando




School Council meets on the third week of the month at 5.30 pm. at the College.


The Finance Sub-committee and the Buildings and Grounds Sub-committee meet between School Council meetings.






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